Whether operating on battlefields or in urban centers, Mk II robot allows remote analysis of terrorist threats and deploys countermeasures to neutralize bombs. Ideal for responding to explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) or improvised explosive device (IED) threats, hazmat missions, and tactical or surveillance needs. Maneuvers through water, sand, over rocks, and other challenging terrain. Also can climb stairs up to a 45 angle. Wide arm rotation lets robot move in tight spaces, such as airplane aisles, to extract objects hidden beneath seats. Lifts up to 35-lb. objects. Equipped with multiple cameras, ranging from a color zoom camera with 360 continuous panning, to an optional infrared camera. The cameras, as well as 2-way audio, link with operatorss command console, which features laptop computer and interface software. If detecting bomb, dual firing circuits work like a water cannon to activate various disruptors, thereby rendering a suspicious package harmless. Robot measures 36 ins. long and 17 ins. wide; weighs 115 lbs. Fits easily in truck of a car. Runs up to 3 hrs. on battery pack. Current users include the U.S. Army in Iraq, as well as New Jersey State Police bomb squads. Price: $50,000 to $60,000, depending on features. Product line also includes Universal Containment Systems, by which a tent-like structure is filled with a blast-suppressing foam to kill biochemical weapons such as anthrax, ricin, and sarin, in less than 30 mins.

Vanguard Response Systems, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada