To simultaneously identify explosives and narcotics hidden on individuals, install Itemiser FX at security checkpoints. Using intuitive animation and user-friendly prompts, the machine instructs a person to press his or her finger on the sampling surface. The machine then quickly analyzes the sample for trace particles of difficult-to-find explosives or narcotics. Although the screening process requires little or no assistance from security guards, the machine sounds an alarm if detecting suspicious substances, thereby alerting appropriate personnel to the potential threat. Weighing 31 lbs., the machine works as a portable, stand-alone system. In addition, built-in networking capability allows a single operator to remotely monitor up to eight individual machines. An on-board computer automatically collects and logs a range of testing data. Made by GE Security, based in Wilmington, MA, Itemiser FX is ideal for a variety of sitesfrom government buildings and correctional facilities to transit stations or sporting events.

GE Security, Wilmington, MA