In the event of dangerous and life-threatening emergencies, Mass Notification systems broadcast live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone in a building or campus or in multiple facilities spread across a city, state or around the world. Mass Notification products fit a wide range of facility types and applications, including K-12 schools, high-rises and mass-transit hubs as well as college, university and manufacturing campuses. Digital Voice Command (DVC) is engineered specifically for larger buildings and campuses, which often require a greater level of flexibility and sophistication. Multiple DVC systems linked via NOTI-FIRE-NET intelligent network form a powerful system capable of informing thousands of people throughout a campus about an unfolding emergency. For smaller, standalone facilities that require a simplified solution, FireVoice 25/50 is an ideal fit. Mass Notification product portfolio includes a complete line of visual and audible peripheral notification appliances such as amber strobes, LED signs and speaker clusters. Notifier, a div. of Honeywell International Inc., Northford, Conn.