Air-Crane S-64E Helitanker boasts 2,650-gal. tank that holds water, long-term fire retardant, or foam mixture to quench wildfires. Combines the capacity of a fixed-wing tanker with the helicopters speed and accuracy. Delivers fire suppressant at average drop rate of 2,000 gals. every 6 mins., thereby dispensing 20,000 gals. every hr. Tank can refill itself in about 40 secs. by snorkeling from a suitable water source as shallow as 18 ins. Built-in Global Positioning System feeds air-speed data to microprocessor-controlled tank doors, which offer 8 options for coverage level. Helicopter requires flight crew of 2 pilots and an observer station. Flies at maximum cruise speed of 115 knots, while conquering adverse conditions such as high winds, tight canyons, or nighttime operations. To fight fires in high-rise structures at congested sites, add optional water cannon, which lets pilot direct concentrated stream of fire suppressant approximately 180 ft. in front of aircraft, at a rate of 300 gals. per min. After extinguishing fire, Helitanker can deliver soil-stabilizing hydroseed to jump-start reforestation efforts and prevent erosion in area.

Erickson Air-Crane, Inc., Central Point, OR