Smart Barrier temporary perimeter system lets first responders and emergency managers quickly isolate a dangerous or threatened area from the general public. Ideal for use at government buildings, border crossings, sites of natural disasters or chemical spills, and other areas requiring a temporary perimeter to control access. Features SB1000 stackable cylinders in 3 colors to signify specific threat: red for hostage situations and other high security incidents, yellow for HazMat situations, and blue for medical emergencies. Each polyethlyene cylinder stands 4 ft. high, weighs 22 lbs., and has built-in handles. Covered with high-intensity sheeting that displays 12- by 18-in. sign. Also accepts additional barrier equipment, such as battery-operated warning flasher that mounts on top of cylinder, ready to display high-visibility LEDs. Comes in red, yellow, or blue to match cylinder color for specific threat. Components also include nylon perimeter rope for joining cylinders into a continuous barrier, as well as custom signs (each 42 ins. high). Security Zone Barriers (72 ins. long, 42 ins. wide, and 2 ft. high) can be anchored with water or sand.

Temporary Perimeter Systems (TPS), A Subsidiary of Safety Signs, Lakeville, MN