Contraband Detection Canines can uncover, validate, and/or deter the presence of illicit drugs and weapons in workplaces. Based on contracted service, canine team will provide random, unannounced visits to workplace or other specified facility. Guided by a trained handler and escorted by facility representatives, the dog will inspect a variety of areas for contraband, such as parking lots, locker rooms, administrative areas, or offices. If dog detects contraband, firms representatives will photograph, inventory, and seal any evidence, which is then turned over to the facility to initiate any further action. Backed by a comprehensive program to help workplaces develop policies that allow detection canines, inform employees about procedures, and document results. In addition, company provides police dogs for drug interdiction programs in schools, as well as for emergency situations (from detecting explosives to pipeline leaks). For detecting contraband, retriever breeds are largely used, due to their scent discrimination abilities. In addition, company provides domestic and imported shepherds, Malinois dogs, and other breeds that specialize in personal protection, tracking, building searches, and patrol applications. Product line also includes several formats of urinalysis drug-testing kits for on-site use. Offered through nationwide locations.

Interquest Detection Canines, Houston, TX