Designed for the U.S. Navy, Model DSC501 road barricade currently enhances homeland security at historic Hoover Dam (pictured), which delivers water and generates energy for the entire southwestern United States. Can be installed in a foundation measuring only 18 ins. deep, yet survives and operates after a 1.2 million ft.-lb. impact. Conquers 27,000 cycles of impact without noticeable wear. Works through companion control panels, card readers, keypads, or radio controls. Built-in lights warn drivers when barricade is in up position. Hydraulic power systems raise or lower barricade when desired. Open area on front of barricade accepts signage. In addition, open-channel design allows optional, hot-dip galvanized construction. Because installation requires just a shallow foundation, barrier caters to areas where buried pipes, power lines, or fiber-optic communication lines pose potential excavation problems. Also ideal for sites having a high water table or corrosive soil. Other current installations range from U.S. embassies to military bases around the world.

Delta Scientific Corp., Valencia, CA