Hurricane trailer offers on-board, dual-power source for emergency sites. Provides breathing air for firefighters and other first responders, brilliant lighting to illuminate scene, and 17,000 w. of electrical power to run equipment. When stationed at site, trailer runs on 30-hp., water-cooled diesel engine and 20-kva. alternator. Can also be plugged into 230-v. landline for quiet, pollution-free operation of 6,000-p.s.i. air compressor. The compressor fills 6, 6,000-p.s.i. DOT bottles, supplying a 2-position Class 2 containment system and control panel. Front door contains compartment with space to store bottles for self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). To enhance scene lighting, 4, 900-w. Magnafire 3000 telescopic lights offer remote-control positioning of fixture head. Multiple outlets on trailer ensure power distribution. Sound-attenuating engine enclosure contains multiple access panels that ease maintenance.

Foster Rescue Products, Waynesboro, PA