The AM system offers open path FTIR gas analysis for a variety of applications. Use It to detect, identify and measure a wide range of compounds simultaneously, within seconds of startup. Analysis is onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1,000 meters. The unit can provide continuous, unattended, near real-time detection at ppb to percentage levels for hundreds of chemicals in a variety of situations, ranging from battlefield chemical warfare agent analysis to civilian hazardous event response. Each system includes a sealed 0.5 cm-1 resolution interferometer. The analyzer is coupled to a control PC via standard ribbon cable or long range fiber optic link. The FTIR can be mounted to a 10-inch Newtonian telescope with tripod. There is a high-energy infrared source module mounted on the opposite end of the sample path. Weighing approximately 40 pounds and measuring 8- by 14- by 8 inches, the compact interferometer module is transportable and can be powered by a 12-volt car battery. An optional lightweight sheet metal version of the FTIR is also available with a compact 3- inch telescope.

MIDAC Corp., Costa Mesa, Calif.