The Miami Dade Police Department will earn taxpayers approximately $25,000 for the sale of just one seized auto, thanks to the services of an online government surplus and seized property auction specialist.

In just a few minutes spent at a computer, the Department turned a dusty 1969 GTO stored in an impound garage since 2001, as well as other overlooked property, into live auctions.

Bidders across the country have pushed the GTO bidding up past $25,000, with bidding due to end Aug. 22. The auction has also brought attention to the Web sites other treasures, many of which ended bidding Aug. 14: a 1957 Ford fire truck with its original wood ladder, located in Florida; a Buschman materials-handling carousel in Kansas; a refuse compactor in excellent condition in Michigan; a new Angel paintball gun in South Carolina, and many used vehicles and heavy equipment.

GovAssets4sale works with counties, cities, law enforcement agencies, fire departments and other government agencies and public service organizations to bring their surplus and seized property auctions to the Internet. Using a unique marketing approach and collection methods. The company helps government agencies sell surplus to a global audience while eliminating overtime and the need to transport items to an auction site.

Based in Clearwater, FL, GovAssets4sale ( ) is an online auction service that assists government sellers in disposing of surplus and seized property. Buyers include other government agencies, nonprofit organizations, Latin American/Caribbean government agencies, dealers, equipment resellers, exporters and the general public.