The Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office in New Mexico has purchased an advanced computer simulator that allows trainers to design various training scenarios for officers. The department paid $125,000 for the simulator, which is equipped with a large screen and video projector for displaying scenarios. In addition, the purchase cost covers a handgun, mace, taser, and rifle for use with the technology.

The range of scenarios that the simulator can depict ranges from car stops to suicide bombers. The simulation technology aims to make scenarios more realistic for deputies by shooting rubber balls when they come under fire.

Other advanced features include determining whether a taser used by a deputy is effective against a suspect based on the distance.

The unit replaces a six-year-old simulator and will be accessible to any interested law enforcement agency.

The technology can also provide helpful tips for correcting flaws in how officers shoot their real guns by providing three camera viewpoints of the shooter during actual firing range practice.
Abstracted by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center(NLECTC) from the Albuquerque Journal (06/06/06) P. A1; Wilham, T.J.