FacilityDude's Crisis Plan is a cloud-based mobile safety system that enables facility, operational and emergency management professionals to mobilize paper-based emergency plans. The system is designed to serve local governments, health care facilities and large organizations. It can help improve emergency awareness, readiness and response times for employees and other stakeholders.

The system is accessible on employees’ smart devices, regardless of Internet connectivity. The Crisis Plan tool is customizable based on an organization’s specific operational needs and possible event scenarios. The tool is applicable to weather events, power outages, criminal activity and other events.

“Regardless of the type of emergency situation – a natural disaster or a more day-to-day operational issue, organizations bear a great responsibility for the duty of care of the organization and the safety of their employees,” said Tom Knox, president of Cary, N.C.-based FacilityDude. “One mistake in a time of crisis can be costly. Crisis Plan empowers organizations with a way to care for their staff and minimize liabilities by delivering emergency information so when the unexpected happens, employees have the right information easily accessible on their smartphones and can properly react.”

With Crisis Plan, organizations can:
•    Publish custom and secure safety plans and procedures to any smart device, including regulatory compliance and medical guidelines,
•    Update plans as often as needed to refine emergency response and safety procedures,
•    Send push notifications to users to alert and inform, and
•    Track incident reporting, including photos and GPS locations

Individuals can access building diagrams and maps and utilize one-tap emergency contact calling through the app or mobile-enabled platform. Plans are password-protected and only shared with individuals based on their roles and responsibilities within the organization. Crisis Plan is available on the Apple, Android, or Kindle platforms.

Government Product News got the views of Brian Bell, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, FacilityDude (photo at right), on some of the features of FacilityDude's Crisis Plan.

GPN: Regarding the information that the system disseminates, where does that information come from? Since most communities already have emergency plans, how does this service fit into existing plans?

Brian Bell: Most organizations — including government entities — already have detailed emergency plans that are updated on a frequent basis. The challenge is that most of these plans are paper-based and not accessible at the moment of an emergency event. FacilityDude's Crisis Plan mobile safety solution gives government agencies the ability to mobilize their existing plans and share the most relevant emergency information to employees and other stakeholders in a secure and efficient manner on a mobile device, regardless of connectivity.

FacilityDude works with their customers to customize the solution based on the specific emergency information and needs, e.g., locations, reporting requirements, types of emergency scenarios, with unlimited training and support.

GPN: Regarding the system, does it cover both internal emergency plans (for facility managers) and external plans (for the community's residents)?

BB: The Crisis Plan mobile safety solution is currently optimized for local government organizations to provide emergency information to employees and other stakeholders (like first responders) on a mobile device. The goal is to provide employees and other stakeholders with plans to not only keep themselves safe, but anyone that is on their grounds or in their facilities. The mobile safety solution gives government departments the flexibility to publish customized plans as audience/role-based editions, e.g., internal staff, first responders, greater community, etc.

GPN: Thank you, Brian Bell, for your views.


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