San Rafael, Calif.-based Autodesk offers civil infrastructure software that aids in the completion of transportation, land, utility and water projects. Its InfraWorks 360 preliminary engineering and design software enables planners to make decisions in the context of the real world, not the CAD world. It combines and connects data, and helps improve infrastructure project outcomes. The cloud-based offering enables personnel to create, view, analyze, share, and manage project information anywhere, on any device. Go here for information on the firm’s Infrastructure Design Suite.

GPN chats with Autodesk’s Terry Bennett (photo below, on left) in the video. Bennett is the firm’s lead strategist for civil infrastructure. Bennett says 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) aid in designing infrastructure that is resilient.

Bennett tells GPN that BIM enables aggregating massive amounts of information that is produced and stored in the cloud. “Through BIM, we can incorporate Big Data from city operations and other sources, and we can create detailed city models. The models can be based on existing information or other sources such as reality-capture tools, including aerial laser scanning tools. We can create an accurate model of the city itself. With the model, you can apply stressor events virtually to see what the reaction is on infrastructure.”

In the interview, Bennett explains that there are three components that define resiliency in government and infrastructure projects, and that resiliency goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. The components include:
Planning carefully for a catastrophic event,
Ensuring that the infrastructure can withstand a catastrophe, and
Ensuring that the infrastructure has the ability to bounce back.

In the interview, Bennett offers some advice to government administrators on best ways to ensure resiliency in government and infrastructure projects. He also discusses ways to ensure resiliency of the grid.


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