American Fork, Utah-based BidSync recently announced the release of BidSync Builder, a software as a service (SaaS) that is designed to help state and local governments quickly create construction project-specific bids, organize contractors’ electronic offers, and award contracts.

The product ensures that only authorized individuals in the agency have access, and it maintains a strong audit trail.

The software enables agencies to reach out to vendors by providing all bid details through a non-proprietary document and planroom management system. Agencies that use BidSync Builder have access to more than 600,000 vendors, sellers, distributors, suppliers and contractors across North America. The system offers configurable approval workflows, transparency and a centralized bid specification library. asked Sabrina Stover, CEO of BidSync, why the company is releasing BidSync Builder to the public sector construction marketplace now. “We felt 2011 was a good year to introduce this solution because it fills an important need in this economy to help streamline and improve the interaction between government and business,” Stover said. “This solution can help pave the road to recovery because it provides much more opportunity for government agencies to keep their costs down while more easily reaching the right kinds of vendors.”

BidSync provides e-procurement tools to 350 government agencies and 600,000 vendors nationwide. In addition to BidSync Builder, the company connects vendors and suppliers to government agencies and organizations that need products and services through BidSync eProcure, BidSync Links and Links PLUS bid notification services.