Ideal for public parks or campgrounds, Model BBQ-1 pedestal grill features 24-in. cooking grate. Steel hinges, located in middle of grate, allow user to lift either side of grate to add charcoal, while cooking on opposite side. To remove ashes, just place bucket under grill and open access door (which also accepts padlock for added security). Pedestal consists of 316-in. steel, covered with a black, heat-resistant powder coating. With surface-mounted installation (shown), anchor bolts attach grill to concrete pad. For direct-bury installation, place grill 14 ins. below ground and pour concrete around base. Supply connection for optional handwashing station stops above grade, behind grill’s access door. Other options include a drinking fountain, jug filler, or hose bibb. Wall-mounted barbecue grills also available, as well as site amenities such as shower towers and pet drinking fountains. Most Dependable Fountains, Inc., Arlington, TN