Research shows that governments are major purchasers of janitorial, sanitation and cleaning products. This category includes power equipment, paper/plastics, chemicals, supplies and accessories. Distributor sales of these products to municipal, county, state and federal government agencies totaled about $2.02 billion in the most recent year that data was available. Government sales equal 8.4 percent of the total U.S. market. Sales to educational institutions, government health care, stadiums, airports and public transit are in separate categories and not included in the government sales figure. The estimate is from the “Report on 2012 Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales,” which is a research study from ISSA, a cleaning industry trade group and Sanitary Maintenance.

A recent janitorial products market report from The Freedonia Group, likewise, shows sizable government purchases of janitorial products. The latest Freedonia research is “Janitorial Equipment & Supplies, Industry Study 3311,” which was issued August 2015. Freedonia is a Cleveland-based international industry market research firm.

The report explains that U.S. demand for janitorial equipment and supplies is forecast to increase 2.2 percent per year through 2019 to $7.1 billion, continuing the recovery that began in the latter part of the 2009-2014 period. The report notes that sizable pent-up demand for automated floor cleaning equipment will drive market advances. According to Freedonia analysts, “Automated floor cleaning equipment is forecast to post the fastest and largest gains as the segment continues to recover from its extended downturn. Sales of specialty items and those used on hard surface floors will particularly benefit as janitorial budgets expand.”

Freedonia’s study includes government facilities in the institutional category. Some government facilities included in the institutional category are: medical/health care establishments, educational institutions, libraries, museums and prisons. Government-sponsored labs are classed in the “Other” category in the Freedonia report.

The institutional market, according to Freedonia’s study, was the second largest market for janitorial equipment and supplies in 2014. It only slightly trailed the office market, with $1.9 billion, accounting for 30 percent of overall demand. Institutional demand for these products is projected to match gains in the office building market through 2019, rising 2.3 percent annually to $2.2 billion.

The Freedonia report has market data on a variety of other janitorial products, including:
--Manual Cleaning Products     
--Automated Floor Cleaning Equipment       
--Bags & Containers       
--Other Products & Accessories

The report offers demand data by market (e.g., office buildings, institutional buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, residential buildings) and purchaser (in-house cleaners, contract cleaners).


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