Cities are releasing new logos and slogans, but not everyone is thrilled with the new designs.

Raleigh officials unveiled a new logo on Nov. 8, which is to replace its city seal, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. The city council approved it immediately.

“We’ve butchered the seal and abused it,” Raleigh Communications Director Damien Graham told the News & Observer. “It’s lost leaves, gained leaves, and frankly, we’ve been disrespecting this seal for a long time. Our goal is to preserve it and use it in capacities it’s designed for, in official capacities.”

City council members praised the new design, which consists of “Raleigh” in a simple font with a minimalist oak tree design, per the News & Observer. The city paid two design firms a combined $226,000 for the logo creation and outreach process. “I want to thank you for not being afraid of the fundamental strength of our oak tree and embracing it in this logo,” Raleigh Councilman Russ Stephenson said, per the News & Observer.

The logo has received mixed response from citizens. Twitter user Fall Blast tweeted, “Raleigh’s new logo makes us look like a startup that helps bosses fire their employees more efficiently,” while Twitter user Matthew Frazier tweeted, “I think it is a nice looking logo that can be applied in a variety of contexts.” 

Alexandria, Minn., has also received mixed reviews to its new logo that replaces on made 20 years ago, the Echo Press reports. "It could be done on the Internet for $49," Alexandria Council Member Bob Kulman said of the logo, which shows a simple design of a sun and waves, per the Echo Press. Council Member Virgil Batesole countered that it "kind of grows on you… It's simple, clear and delivers a message.” The city spent $3,600 on the new logo design.

“Columbia Georgia: We do amazing” is the new branding initiative for Columbus, Ga., and it too, has encountered polarizing opinion. The city paid $97,000 for the new logo, which consists of different-sized letters spelling out “Columbus” over the word “Georgia” and different sized and colored blocks, per the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. The logo was unveiled on Oct. 31.

Many citizens weren't impressed, commenting the following on Facebook and Reddit, per the Ledger-Enquirer: “2006 called, they said thanks for the new Myspace profile font.” And “Kudos to the first grader who came up with the design and wrote the slogan.” And “Looks like a logo for a daycare.”

Staff associated with the city however, were of a different mindset.

“When you look at ‘Columbus Georgia, We do amazing.’ the typeface for the word 'Columbus' is made up of different typography, and our community is made up of different people," Peter Bowden, president of Visit Columbus GA said, per Columbus TV station WTVM.  "Its a way to bring our community together.”


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