SoyGreen Graffiti Wipes whisk away graffiti applied with paint, crayons, ink, Magic Markers, lipstick, or other materials. Also remove stickers, adhesives, and scuff marks. Ideal for cleaning any hard, smooth surface, including painted walls, metal structures, ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, or marbleeverything from desks, lockers, and signs to bus shelters, phone booths, and lamp posts. Each wipe consists of nonwoven, synthetic nylon, saturated with soybean oil, treated methanol, and environmentally-safe solvents. Boasts non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable formula. Has no harsh odoremits only a mild scent. Safer to use than petroleum-based mineral spirits. Packaged in ready-to-use dispenser containing 70 wipes, each measuring 10 by111/3 ins. Just thread towel through cap on container, and remove single towel as needed. All towels have a colored, abrasive side to loosen graffiti, as well as a smooth, white side to wipe away residue. Both sides stay moistformula wont evaporate when cleaning large surfaces. Current applications include removing graffiti from New York City subways, buses, and schools.

Soy Technologies, Delray Beach, FL