KeyWatcher simplifies control and management of keys, access cards and more. Updates to the system include a brightly illuminated key-storage feature, which simplifies the identification and location of the correct key. A new modular design allows users to configure each unit to meet the specific needs of their application. A number of different modules are available, including credit card holders and lockers for cellular phones, firearms or other items that need to be accounted for and secured when not in use. The updated KeyWatcher sends priority e-mail alerts to security managers to inform them of the whereabouts of the manufacturer's Smart Keys. Each individual key is secured to a Smart Key locking mechanism with a built-in memory chip, and data from the chip is stored when a key is inserted into a key slot. Users only can access keys for which they have an authorized user code, and keys can be returned to any location in the box.
Morse Watchmans,
Atlanta, Ga.