Vive wireless lighting controls from Lutron Electronics is a family of scalable solutions, from simple area switching and occupancy sensing, to individual wireless control of each fixture. It is all tied together with a wireless hub for central control and monitoring. The system easily adapts to the changing needs of a building over time. You can start with a single room and expand as the needs of the space as budgets allow. It is suited for government office spaces, K-12, colleges and universities and other government buildings.

The system allows government facility managers and building operators to monitor, adjust and manage their system from any smart device, and quickly adjust lighting controls to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort and enhance energy efficiency. The system’s wireless hub provides centralized functionality including time clock scheduling, demand response, and energy reporting that helps maintain building operating efficiency. Unlike traditional lighting controls, the system does not require extensive new wiring.

The Vive system installs up to 70 percent faster than wired systems, according to the company. System setup in a facility requires minimal downtime and disruption to work. It is compatible with smart phones, tablets and PCs. It uses software that works on any smartphone, tablet, or PC to automatically detect the controls closest to the installer.

The system sets up to match the desired functionality —no ladders or manufacturer commissioning required. It features the company’s Lutron’s Clear Connect wireless, XCT sensing, and Hi-Lume dimming technologies.

Vive system components include a wireless hub, dimmers, switches, and wireless controllers. Vive can seamlessly integrate via BACnet with other building/energy management, HVAC, IT and audio-video systems. Paired with Lutron Hi-lume Premier LED drivers for flicker-free dimming down to 0.1 percent, Vive delivers a reliable end-to-end solution. Go here for details.

In the video, see how the Vive wireless lighting control solution performs in new and existing commercial buildings.


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