Trash dumpsters that are fully loaded can often weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds. The designated pickup areas may be hundreds of yards away from the compactor. Employees that are required to move the dumpster without using the proper equipment can risk injury.

The WasteCaddy dumpster tow aids in moving dumpsters. The battery-powered dumpster mover can easily handle waste containers that weigh thousands of pounds, according to the manufacturer, DJ Products. The easy to use device instantly takes a job that would be difficult for two or three employees to handle and makes it safe for a single employee. The solo operator does not have to worry about strain or overexertion.

The unit is highly maneuverable, which makes it a useful piece of equipment in government facilities, offices, public housing, parks, apartments and warehouses. A single employee can quickly and safely navigate a fully loaded dumpster down narrow hallways, through bay doors and even up steep inclines. The unit maneuvers around tight corners, inclement weather, and rough surfaces. The device helps reduce risk of worker injury in the trash room.
The unit pulls garbage dumpsters up to 5,000 pounds. Product highlights include:

•    36-volt, three-battery system
•    The unit’s dumpster brackets bolt/weld to dumpsters
•    0-3 MPH forward/reverse
•    Works up inclines, snow, or ice
•    The product’s charger works with 120/220-hertz outlets
•    Unit offers safety and efficiency, and enables employers to control their workers’ compensation premiums

The most common lost-time injuries from manually moving dumpsters are:
•    Slips and falls on wet surfaces
•    Back and shoulder strains
•    Pinched fingers when pushing dumpsters through narrow doorways
•    Toes that get rolled over by casters

Back and shoulder strains tend to be the most expensive injuries. On average, an employee with a back or shoulder strain misses more work and takes longer to recover than an employee with a slip/fall or pinch/crush injury.

DJ Products manufactures and markets battery powered tugs and pushers for applications ranging from moving dumpsters to moving rail cars, semi-trailers and private aircraft.


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