Use WeatherTUFF weatherproof labels for a variety of government tasks. They can be used in utilities, aviation, health care, medical, warehousing and logistics applications. William Frick & Company is the manufacturer.

Attach the labels to oil and gas pipelines and at parts and equipment depots. They are UV-resistant and offer long-term readability of text and graphics. The product also resists heat and  condensation. The labels have been tested under real-time climate and laboratory conditions. Each outdoor label can be enhanced with fixed or variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, serialization and RFID.

The product has been engineered then backed by extensive testing to survive various outdoor conditions, frequent abrasions, and/or harsh chemical exposures. Applications include: product Identification, warning and instruction labeling (such as ANSI/OSHA labels), inventory control and asset management. The photo at left shows a WeatherTuff label on a transformer.

The labels withstand harsh environments. The product line features seven weatherproof label constructions to suit a variety of applications—from economical short-term labels to heavy-duty labels designed to last 20+ years.

Order your free Swatch Book today! Test WeatherTuff labels and see how they'll work in your application. This swatch book features a selection chart and four labels for each of the seven constructions (28 total).

For more information about the product or to request a sample swatch book, visit the firm's website or call 847-918-3809.

William Frick & Company is a manufacturer of specialty identification products such safety, warning and branding labels; utility markers and as RFID tags. Since 1975 the firm has supplied OEMs, the logistics and telecommunications industries, oil and gas companies, electric utilities, and governments.


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