College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving is a franchise-based company that offers junk hauling and moving services throughout the U.S. The firm has recently expanded into the Canadian market.  

The company can assist cities, counties, states and other government entities with their moving needs. “It is definitely a good idea to have a partnership with a company such as ours to provide the peace of mind of having an immediate point of contact that is available to service your needs,” says Vera Shafiq, the firm’s Digital Marketing Manager. Shafiq says governments and other organizations sometimes need last-minute assistance in times of crisis, natural disaster, major relocation or other events.

The firm has been hired to help clean up large disasters in the past, such as:
·        Nashville and Tennessee floods in 2010
·        NY/NJ/Long Island snow blizzards
·        Texas floods that happened in May 2016

“Our brand promise is to offer a stress-free experience that exceeds your expectations. By obtaining all the necessary information from you before coming out to perform a job, and keeping lines of communication open before during and after the job, we ensure the process goes smoothly so that you can take care of other more pressing issues,” Shafiq adds. The firm’s number one priority In the case of a natural disaster is to protect public health, safety and property.

Shafiq urges governments and other organizations to start planning before the move. “By having an advanced plan in place, you will be prepared for all recycling, disposal and debris collection options.” One of the cornerstones of the College Hunks brand mission is responsible disposal. The firm recycles or donates 70 percent of materials that the firm collects.

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In the video, the College Hunks story comes to life.


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