To meet the growing needs of grant management in the public sector including federal, state and local government agencies as well as  K-12 and higher education institutions, Kronos has added a grant and project tracking solution to its Workforce Central workforce management suite. Kronos is based in Chelmsford, Mass.

The tracking tool optimizes how labor and non-labor hours and associated costs are tracked to grants and projects. It was designed for project and grant managers, project sponsors and principal investigators.

The product helps measure and monitor labor against key metrics such as budget, planned hours, and results for grant and project tracking purposes. Other benefits include:

--Real-time visibility into time and labor as well as the status of every grant or project;

--It helps detect trends related to key indicators in grant or project tracking. It aids in identifying work completed, remaining, and how work is tracking with budget;

--It helps prioritize across grants and projects; and

--It eliminates manual processes related to tracking, reducing the time it takes to complete an audit cycle and maximizing grant fund usage.

The tracking product is also available via mobile devices, allowing on-the-go, real-time access.

“With the introduction of this grant and project tracking solution, public sector entities will be able to even more effectively account for labor hours and associated costs by project,” said Crystal Woods, division head of human resources at the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department. “This solution will provide managers more immediate access to project cost data, and will also enable users to be more transparent and accountable to stakeholders.”

“Leadership in the public sector today needs an effective way to track labor and tasks to particular grants and projects. And this can be done by only capturing the true costs of projects,” said Charlie DeWitt, who is vice president, business development at Kronos. He added that his firm’s product “uses existing time and labor data to accurately track against grants and projects to keep public sector organizations compliant and within budget.”

Kronos delivers workforce management solutions in the cloud. Numerous organizations in more than 100 countries — including more than half of the Fortune 1000 companies — use Kronos to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

The video shows how Kronos makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. The video describes the firm’s  simplified time-tracking software.


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