Facility managers can use electronic sound masking to control noise and ensure speech privacy, says acoustics expert Niklas Moeller (photo below at right). He is vice president of K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd. His company is a global developer and manufacturer of the LogiSon Acoustic Network sound masking system. The firm is headquartered in Burlington, Ontario.

In this video interview (link is also at the end of the page), Moeller tells Government Product News that speech privacy and noise control help improve privacy and productivity in the workplace. “Noise and distractions caused by the noises around people is the most frequently cited concern or irritant in most of the surveys that are done of occupants of these types of spaces," Moeller says.

The evolution of the office workspace has also been a factor, says Moeller. “There’s been so much emphasis in the last few years on creating collaborative working environments where people are in constant communication with each other and dealing with ad hoc conversations, that we forget that a large percentage of what people do is still heads-down individually focused work.”

In the video interview, Moeller offers advice to government facility managers on how to specify and use sound masking. It’s important, says Moeller, that the system be properly set up and carefully adjusted to the workspace.

In the video interview, Moeller outlines some of the acoustical challenges that facility managers face in green buildings. Go here to read some of Moeller’s tips on how to increase speech privacy and control noise in offices and other government facilities. Moeller can be reached at nmoeller@logison.com.

Here is the GPN video interview with Niklas Moeller of K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd.


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