Washington state leads the nation with the best access to broadband, followed by Massachusetts and Delaware, according to a new report. The 2012 State Broadband Index from TechNet, a technology advocacy organization, assessed all 50 states on several measures of broadband access and use.

The report noted that, “States are actively pursuing ways to use broadband to promote economic development, build strong communities, improve delivery of government services and upgrade educational systems.” It ranked the states on indicators of broadband adoption, network quality and having an economic structure oriented toward broadband.

Washington state topped the rankings, with the report citing the strength of the state’s economic structure for broadband. Several high-tech companies are located in Washington, including Microsoft, Amazon and T-Mobile.

Massachusetts, ranked second, was cited for the cluster of universities and tech companies in the Boston area. The state received high ratings for economic structure and “apps intensity,” a measurement of the number of jobs in the state devoted to developing new apps.

Delaware was ranked third, receiving the report’s highest rating on network quality. The report said states factors that contribute to a state’s having effective broadband include leadership from governors and legislators, public-private cooperation and long-term planning.

Other states among the top 10 include:

  • 4. Maryland
  • 5. California
  • 6. New Jersey
  • 7. Vermont
  • 8. Virginia
  • 9. Utah
  • 10. New York