Lindsay Isaacs

Former Managing Editor, American City & County

Lindsay is a native of Atlanta, Ga. She graduated from the University of Georgia with an M.M.C. in journalism and a B.A. in English. Prior to joining American City & County, she held an internship at Georgia Electric Membership Corporation's Georgia magazine.

Posts by Lindsay Isaacs

Photo of voting machine in Louisiana, published in The American City, July 1950
in American History Oct 18, 2012

Voting technology develops

Voting technology develops to improve accuracy and save time for voters and election officials....More
in American History Aug 23, 2012

Records management 1950s style

Agencies adopt new storage methods and technology to manage records efficiently....More
in American History Jul 23, 2012

Police employ dogs to help keep the peace

In the mid-1950s, police departments began training dogs to help patrol, chase criminals, sniff out evidence, and improve law enforcement....More
in American History Jun 20, 2012

Population migration to metropolitan areas introduces greater pressure on government leaders

In 1956, Luther Gulick wrote of an "impending crisis" heading to America's cities for which none was fully prepared....More
in American History May 21, 2012

Early efforts to organize civil defense activities build culture of preparedness

In the 1940s, cities began coordinating forces and residents to prepare for and defend against malicious attacks....More
in American History Apr 25, 2012

Anti-noise advocates call for quieter cities

In the early 1900s, the rattle and hum of growing cities and industry lead to research, ordinances and pleas for quiet....More
in American History Mar 22, 2012

Parking innovations: From multi-story decks to automated garages (with related video)

The rise of the automobile in the 1920s created the need for congestion relief and parking solutions — challenges for which cities and counties....More
in American History Jan 01, 2012

Fluoride: Why is it in the water?

A look through the American City....More
in American History Dec 01, 2011

Cities begin, expand mass transit service

Cities begin, expand mass transit service as political and popular support ebbs and flows....More
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