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Like watching 'Prison Break' in reverse

Candidates for the dumbest criminal award have nine more months to best Nathaniel Mirelez for the 2014 title.

Mirelez, 20, was arrested last week for shoplifting in Troutdale, Ore. But it wasn't Miralez' initial infraction that merits his prize – it's what he did after he got out.

Mere hours after his release, Miralez tried (and hilariously failed) to break into the police station to get back a skateboard officers confiscated during his arrest.

The scene was caught on tape by the Troutdale Police Department’s surveillance cameras. The video shows the suspect entering the station’s vestibule on Saturday afternoon, and tugging at the main door. Unfortunately for him, the station is closed on weekends.

Instead of saying “well I’ll just come back Monday,” the suspect becomes frustrated, eventually putting his feet up against the glass to leverage the door with his body weight. The caper ends with the suspect breaking the door handle and falling backward. He then slowly returns to his feet and shuffles out of the vestibule, with the door handle in hand.

Officers reviewing the tape recognized the man as Mirelez, from his previous arrest. Local news station KPTV reports that a day later, Troutdale officers again arrested Mirelez, this time on charges of attempted burglary, criminal mischief and theft (of the door handle, we guess.)  

KPTV reports that when questioned, Mirelez told officers he wanted to get behind the locked door to recover his skateboard. But he probably shouldn’t have been in such a hurry; we’ll wager he ends up behind locked doors again soon enough.


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