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Rural EMS faces its own emergency

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May 21, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: We will all be monkeys' uncles

Recent technology developments appear to be making humans obsolete....More

Viewpoint: To improve emergency preparedness, adopt a supply chain perspective

By Charlotte Franklin — Before disasters, local governments should line up partners to help deliver recovery supplies to their destinations quickly....More

Viewpoint: Stop wasting energy while treating wastewater

By Justin Rundle — How to reduce energy costs at wastewater treatment plants....More

Viewpoint: Smart water management is good for the economy

By Laurent Auguste — Address failing water infrastructure now for a stronger future....More
Apr 17, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: Chasing the cloud is just part of the race

While technology is behind the scenes helping governments meet today’s demands, it’s government officials who are driving the trends....More

Viewpoint: How to begin moving to next-generation 911

By Stephen Meer — Communities can take four steps today toward advanced 911 systems....More

Viewpoint: How one small city survived the recession1

By Kevin Smith — The right attitude helps pull Winter Springs, Fla., through dark times....More

Viewpoint: May the best candidate (really) win

By Herbert Sweren and Barry Silverman — With technology tools, political campaigns can be a more fair fight....More
Mar 14, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: Having enough energy to continue

The definition of sustainability has grown to include the ability of cities and counties to sustain their operations following significant power....More
Mar 12, 2012

IT: From cost center to a strategic asset

Cloud computing increases workers’ flexibility, improving efficiency and service delivery....More

Viewpoint: Considerations for redesigning public sector retirement plans

By Richard Hiller — Follow these principles to design secure, attractive employee retirement benefit plans....More

Viewpoint: Eliminating overtime in 24/7 operations is a poor choice

By Bruce Oliver — The policy does not save money for around-the-clock services....More

Viewpoint: Trust officials to behave ethically with vendors

By Paul Mitchell — There is a common policy that is getting in the way of government officials’ ability to make the most informed decisions....More
Feb 14, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: What's your two cents worth?

What do you think your two cents is worth today? Surprisingly enough, thanks to the Internet, it's worth more than you think....More

Viewpoint: Finding new economic growth in the aging care industry2

By Greg Fischer — Louisville thrives by supporting businesses that focus on aging residents....More

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Jason Axelrod is an award-winning journalist who has reported for The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Business Journal and Mother Nature Network, among other outlets. Jason...
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