Feb 04, 2015 11:19am

Rural EMS faces its own emergency

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Viewpoint: Five ways to bolster cybersecurity

By Paul Christman — Automation, education and reviews can help keep data secure....More

Viewpoint: Creative problem solving (outside the box)

By Frederick Marks — Why limit your ability to solve a problem by boxing it? The only box is the one you have imposed on yourself. Once you realize....More

Viewpoint: Know the 'dos and don'ts' of managing large property claims

By Alice Edwards — How you handle claims can affect your compensation and your ability to recover from a disaster....More
Oct 10, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: Freely speaking in all tongues

Free speech isn't really free, it comes with a price. We are all facing a brave new free speech world since we crossed the border into the online....More

Viewpoint: Convention centers can be opportunities for economic development

By Roger Zampell — Governments can generate jobs, income by forming public-private partnerships to build convention center headquarters hotels....More

Viewpoint: Define your touchstones to be a better manager

By Larry Mullikin — Identify your organization's values and repeat as often as possible for maximum effect....More

Viewpoint: To aid emergency management, turn to social media

By Dale Peet —Social media analytics can help law enforcement and first responders address civil unrest and disasters....More

Viewpoint: Building 'smart' cities the smart way

By Eric Moore — Get the most effective use of smart technology through planning and coordination....More

Viewpoint: Knock down barriers to private investment in water infrastructure

By Van P. Hilderbrand and Lyndsey Bechtel — By removing risks and obstacles, the federal government can unleash a flood of private capital for water....More
Aug 08, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: 'Round and 'round we go, and where we stop1

Georgia's failed transportation vote shows the public's lack of confidence in government....More

Viewpoint: Treat broadband as a public utility to tap the global economy

By Norm Jacknis — Broadband infrastructure can do more than lure companies to an area; it can connect existing businesses to customers worldwide....More

Viewpoint: Six common, yet costly IT mistakes

Keep IT infrastructure operating smoothly by avoiding these mistakes....More
Jul 11, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: It ain't just the South that's rising again

Smaller cities are seeing an influx of businesses and Boomers for many of the same reasons....More

Viewpoint: Dodging responsibility for water infrastructure is a monstrous mistake1

By Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. — Three lessons learned during San Francisco's massive water system overhaul....More
Jun 19, 2012

Editor's Viewpoint: The little schools on the big prairie

Extreme positions dominate the national discussion fueled by stories confirming government incompetency or corruption, overshadowing those about....More

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Jason Axelrod is an award-winning journalist who has reported for The Seattle Times, The Arizona Republic, the Phoenix Business Journal and Mother Nature Network, among other outlets. Jason...
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