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'Please, Your Honor, just one more joint'

Drug defendant blows judge's mind

A Hamilton County, Ohio judge got an unusual request from one drug defendant, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. When the judge offered to waive the man’s sentence and get him into a treatment program if he would give up smoking pot, the man agreed — sort of.

“I know this is probably not the right question to ask (but) can I get a little time at least (to) get one more joint in,” the defendant asked the judge, according to the Enquirer.

Mind you, the guy was still in custody. So he was asking Common Pleas Court Judge Melba Marsh to sanction illegal drug use by a prisoner. Talk about hutzpah.

The astonished Marsh of course refused. “No. You can’t have one more joint for old time’s sake.”

The 19-year-old defendant admitted being a pot head since he started smoking marijuana at age 10. He was charged with selling marijuana in the parking lot of a Westwood, Ohio store.

His addiction had already gotten him booted from his grandmother’s house. He used to live with her, but when he refused to quit smoking pot, grandma kicked him out. When he came back, grandma had him arrested for trespass.

Finally, however, the man may be getting on the right track. At a later court appearance, Marsh sentenced him to time served on his drug charge. He remains in jail on the trespassing charge, with release scheduled for Dec. 6, but he agreed to seek help for his addiction. A counselor is supposed to visit him in jail before his release.

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