A minute with...Bill Miller


Bill Miller, risk and reliability divisional manager and enterprise asset management and mobility systems administrator of the Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority.

A minute with...Bill Miller, risk and reliability divisional manager and enterprise asset management and mobility systems administrator of the Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority.
In his 25 years with the organization, Miller has served on numerous boards for wastewater, building efficiency and academic organizations. He is a member of the Water Environment Federation, Iowa Water and Pollution Control Association, Infor Global Solutions Innovators & Ambassadors committees and the Society of Maintenance Reliability Professionals.

Three projects of which Miller is most proud:

1. The convergence of Energy Management Optimization and Enterprise Asset Management. Miller says implementing the Infor EAM Asset Sustainability program allowed him the capability to monitor, in real time, the key operating parameters and health statistics for the plant’s major assets.

2. Being one of the first organizations in North America to achieve PAS 55 Certification, and receiving three global awards, two national awards and one state award in the field of Excellence in Energy Efficiency.

3. Personally designing the scaled-down Tier1 EAM Asset Sustainability program offered through Asynerlytics, LLC in a Hosted “SaaS” Environment.

Tell us about your most challenging day at the office.
Being a Type “A” personality prompts me into putting myself in positions of having to deal with multiple deadlines on a variety of fronts. Not only do I work for the Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation authority, but I also have engaged in the starting-up of my own business, Asynerlytics, LLC, … so individuals may begin to perceive that challenging days at the office have become a common occurrence for me.

Tell us about your most rewarding day at the office.
I approach my job as a calling and focus on the work itself. Understanding what motivates oneself in [one’s] work can assist in reframing [one’s] expectations and making choices to increase one’s self-satisfaction. Sometimes work is simply a means to enjoy those things you are truly passionate about.

Do you have any personal, proven methods for approaching municipal challenges?
Regardless of the specific challenges, municipalities need to reinvent their methods for maintaining a Best Practice service delivery that meets citizen’s expectations...the Lean method is definitely a proven way of supporting a Community and Global Continuous Quality Improvement approach.

Lean Approach Considerations:
•     Determine the municipalities’ needs in order to share equipment with other local governmental agencies, municipalities or organizations.
•     Promote pooled goods and services with the other agencies, municipalities and organizations.
•     Manage projects based on the organization’s long-term needs.
•     Initiate agreements between local associations, municipalities and organizations to better meet the public’s general needs.

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