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Man falls asleep in the wrong house

It's a familiar story, local police say

Ok, let's hear it for an old law enforcement favorite, the one where some person (usually drunk) stumbles home and falls asleep — in somebody else's house. This time police say it happened in Frederick, Md., according to the Frederick News-Post.

Frederick police say they responded to a late night burglary call Sunday in the north-central Maryland city. A woman said she came downstairs to find a strange man sleeping on her couch.

Officers had to wake the guy up. When they asked the 36-year-old man if he knew where he was, he answered that he was in his own house.

Wrong. Police found a set of keys in the back door. They figure he came in through that door, which was unlocked. The sleepy intruder faces a burglary charge.

Again, this is an all-too familiar tale, police say. For example, there was the guy in Chalkerville, Mich., last summer who went out drinking and ended up crawling into bed with his neighbors — a 75-year-old man and his 72-year-old wife. That man had left his children, ages 2 and 4, at home alone.

Then there was the guy, also drunk, who last year was discovered in Palm Harbor, Fla., sleeping on the couch in someone else's house. The man even went into the kitchen and cooked a meal before tucking in for the night.

It's all very funny, unless it's your house that's breached. Then, maybe not so funny.

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