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Because there are consequences for not doing the dishes

Police dispatchers in South Amerst, Ohio, fielded a call from distraught grandfather Edward Friel, 72, today. Friel’s complaint? According to, Friel was angry that his 17-year-old grandson, Justin, was “lazy” and avoiding his chores in favor of spending time on the computer.

Frustrated by Justin’s obvious lack of priorities, Friel called the cops to report the teen, who allegedly punched a hole in the wall after Friel cut the house’s Internet cord because Justin refused to stop playing games and help out around the house.

When police arrived, Friel told them that his grandson called him names and stormed out of the house. According to Friel, his grandson is “lazy and does nothing around the house.”

“Mr. Friel stated he had asked Justin to do some work around the house but [he] continued to play on the computer,” according to a police report. Friel “cut the Internet cable cord since he was not listening to him.”

No charges were filed in the case, and Friel said he “would handle the discipline” himself.

Here’s hoping Justin begins his home-enforced sentence by repairing the hole in the wall. And when he’s finished with that, he can start on the dishes!

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