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Batman, Captain America rescue cat from burning house

Batman and Captain America, while in Milton, W.Va., for a superhero convention, came to the rescue of an unconscious feline from a house fire last Saturday.

Okay, so they weren’t the real Batman and Captain America, according to the Huffington Post. Also, the super hero convention was just a children’s event at a nearby American Legion Post. But that doesn’t make the Caped Crusader and his shield-wielding sidekick’s actions any less awesome.

While entertaining children at the American Legion event, John Buckland, dressed as Batman, and Troy Markum, dressed as Captain America, noticed smoke coming from a nearby house, the Huffington Post reports. The two men, along with another bystander, ran to the home.

“I said [to Marcum] ‘Captain, I need you to find the biggest rock you can find, and throw it through that window right there to let some of this smoke out of that front room,” Buckland told WSAZ, a local TV station. The Dark Knight and Cap then charged in through the front door, in search of anyone that might need assistance.

Buckland, a former firefighter, crawled into the front room and felt something furry, according to the Huffington Post. He grabbed the animal, took it outside, and gave it mouth-to-mouth.

The owners of the house weren't home, and no one was hurt in the fire. The disoriented cat, however, swatted at Buckland after it regained consciousness, according to the Huffington Post. Milton Firefighters soon arrived on the scene to control the blaze.

Buckland doesn’t think his actions that day make him a superhero. “I don’t think we did anything that anyone else wouldn’t have done,” Batman – I mean, Buckland, told WSAZ.

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