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Data-driven transformation 

tate agencies depend on contracting hourly information technology (IT) services to deal with the rapid growth of technology advances. In New York, state procurement (NYSPro), a division of the Office of General Services, addresses the need to hire hourly IT consultants using an internal managed service provider model. A small pool of qualified IT vendors, whose performance is evaluated annually, enables authorized contract users to alleviate previous challenges of hiring hourly IT services.

Fighting crime across borders 

Criminals don’t respect jurisdictional borders, and police officers serving five counties around the Portland, Ore., area must therefore share crime information across borders, too. Updating a 30-year-old system, the new Regional Justice Information Network (RegJIN) will provide police data to track activities across multiple jurisdictions to help fight crime.

Managing the flow of dollars into the classroom 
Mississippi’s p-card program simplifies spending of Educational Enhancement Funds
Pareto redux 

Back in 2008, St. Petersburg, Fla., was among the first handful of procurement departments in the United States to win the Pareto Award of Excellence in Public Procurement. This year it is the first to earn the award for a second time. “We built on what we achieved the first time,” says Louis Moore, director, purchasing and materials management, St. Petersburg, Fla. “We felt more confident the second time, knew what the process was, and felt better about ourselves as a department.”

Tracking procurement from cradle to grave 

With an operating budget of more than $37 million per year, the Georgia Building Authority wanted to be able to track its contracts proactively from “cradle to grave,” that is, from inception to completion. Specifically, management wanted all parties to be able to see where a contract stood at any particular time relative to the three basic elements of contract administration – time, money and product.

Local governments in Illinois pool their purchasing power 

Facing a national economic downturn and a fiscal crisis in Illinois, local governments in Cook and Lake Counties, primarily north of Chicago, are combining municipal contracts to maximize their spending power.

Instead of seeking contactors separately to do work common to all municipalities, administrators in 30 or so city and village governments have joined together in a concept they call the Municipal Partnering Initiative (MPI).

Professional services in a flash 
Strategic sourcing works wells with commodities, but procurement of professional services has historically been seen as not conducive to a strategic approach or to being combined across departments or agency lines. The theory goes that a need for professional services, defined as “work that is intellectual in character,” is specific to a given agency or department and not compatible with broader procurement strategies.
See you at NIGP Forum 
Sixty-eight years is a long time for any tradition. That’s how long NIGP Forum has provided a yearly opportunity for procurement professionals to gather in one place, to share ideas and experiences, and to network.
The Sound Transit Procurement and Contracts Division won the Pareto Award
Pareto Award winner: The route to excellence for Sound Transit
Sound Transit's procurement path leads to achievement of the Pareto Award.
Automating reference checks
Web-based survey system offers alternative to phone tag.
Cities address homelessness with medley of solutions
New York; Seattle; Reno and Sparks, Nev.; and King County, Wash., are a few of the communities that are trying a variety of programs to reduce the number of homeless.
Help for the homeless
Despite budget cutting, cities show commitment to battling homelessness.
Local lawmakers take aim at firearms policies
Forty-two states have strong preemption laws that prohibit cities and counties from passing laws to regulate firearms. Even so, local governments have begun to addrss gun issues.
Got guns? 20
Cities and counties weigh in on gun control.
Specialists in New York offer personalized financial planning.
Cities to provide financial empowerment to cash-strapped citizens 2
Led by a successful program in New York City, cities and counties are addressing the problem by providing high-quality financial empowerment solutions.

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