Frederick Marks

Marks on mentoring 
Frederick Marks discusses the importance of mentorship, teamwork and Robert's rules.
Closing thoughts before I go
"I started writing the column in April 2006, and I think at this juncture, I have said all that I want to say." - Fredrick Marks
Commentary: Closing thoughts before I go 3
Fred Marks started writing a column for Government Procurement magazine in April 2006, and this is his final column. As Fred explains, "I think at this juncture, I have said all that I want to say."
Frederick Marks
Knowing value when you see it
It's time to look at the future of our profession and train those who follow us to do more and do it better.
A closer look at the trophy case
Columnist Fred Marks has always been skeptical about awards – anyone can make up an award and anyone can win an award.
T&M: Not a license to steal
Time and materials contracts have special needs and requirements, and the buyer, contract administrator and vendor each has important roles to play.
Thank your leaders ... and be one
There have been volumes written about professionalism but I would like to explore the responsibility we take on with our professionalism.
Facts, lies and negotiations
"How do you know if someone is lying?" I think the real answer is that someone always is, but it's your job as a professional to determine to what extent the lying takes place.
Judging Past Performance
How do you level the playing field in evaluating past performance?
The return of Lenny and Squiggy
Here are some of the things I look for (and look out for) in an oral presentation.
Contracting Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
Federal and state regulations present challenges that require expertise.
Things that come in boxes for $200, Alex
I used to work for a dull guy whose standard answer to a problem was to encourage you to "think outside the box."
Succession planning starts with you
Tips for planning your next professional move and for your successor.
How to build excellence
Here is an imperfect and incomplete list of how to build your own version of excellence.
How making decisions boosts credibility
How public purchasers make decisions affects their credibility.

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