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Locals take action against ‘Occupy’ protests
While most cities had reported ‘collaborative’ relationships with the protesters in October, November saw mass evictions
Super committee fails to meet deadline
The Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, the so-called “super committee,” failed to devise a plan to reduce the federal government’s debt level by its Nov. 23 deadline. As a result, a “sequestration” process automatically kicked in.
Super committee now in session
Local governments are watching the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, aka the "super committee," with concern.
Locals push for public safety broadband network
Progress could be helped or delayed by super committee.
Cities alert to flash mobs
Law breakers are using social media to organize crimes.
Local cell phone fees face limits
Congress is considering a five-year moratorium on 'discriminatory taxes' on mobile services.
Local governments get tutoring on smart grid
PTI has released a tutorial on how cities and counties can promote smart grid development and how they will benefit from a stronger power supply.
Cameras keep watch for crime
Facial recognition and analytics make video surveillance technology powerful tools for law enforcement.
Federal debt debacle causes concerns
The potential for further cuts in federal spending have left many local government officials uneasy about their own already shaky financial standing.
Cities prepare for aging residents
Transportation, finances and housing are top needs, report finds.
Cities fight online agencies for hotel taxes
Small cities risk exclusion from some travel agencies' websites.
Losing control
The state takeover of a financially troubled Michigan city may not be the last, expert says.
States slow to track transportation spending
Report says more performance measures are needed.
Local economies show glimmers of recovery
Still, officials expect another couple of years of hard times
New wildfire management strategy in the works
All levels of government cooperate to attack blazes.

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