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Track the FirstNet 'opt-in/opt-out' progress of all 50 states and 6 territories with this map
What is the status of states and territories as their governors make "opt-in" or "opt-out" decisions about FirstNet? Check out this map to get the updated information.
Building the public safety communications network

Congress created the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) more than four ago and provided it with $7 billion to build and operate a nationwide financially self-sustaining public-safety broadband network (NPSBN).

FCC invites comments on the future of the 700-MHz public safety spectrum
The FCC's public safety and homeland security bureau has issued a report and order, as well as a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding rules for the 700 MHz narrowband spectrum allocated to public safety.
Public safety net will yield cost savings for state and local first responders
FirstNet Chairman Sam Ginn last week told U.S. governors that the much-anticipated nationwide broadband network for public safety will provide cost savings and other benefits.
Video conferencing hookup for inmates is a money-saver for courts
Video conferencing systems can reduce traffic and transit time for court personnel who are traveling on court business.
Support for text-to-911 is coming in 2014
All four nationwide wireless carriers — AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA — have committed to supporting text to 911 in their networks by May 15, 2014.
Vermont is site of Sprint's text-to-911 trial
Sprint Wireless has embarked on 911 text messaging, with the carrier starting a four-month trial of the technology in Vermont.
Land mobile radio systems stood up to Hurricane Sandy
Public safety advocates say commercial communications outages caused by Superstorm Sandy and subsequent flooding cannot be repeated on the proposed nationwide LTE network for first responders.
Rural areas could get broadband, thanks to LTE network
A much-anticipated buildout of a 700-MHz Long Term Evolution (LTE) network for public safety nationwide could be leveraged to bring broadband to rural areas.
Dispatchers get new consoles in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County has announced that it has signed a $12.5 million contract to have Raytheon replace its aging dispatch consoles with twin-screen equipment that is expected to help fire and sheriff dispatchers do their jobs.
Timetable taking shape for national public safety broadband net
It could be at least a year before construction on the nationwide, 700 MHz LTE network for public safety begins, because the governance and planning work for the massive project must be completed first, according to an official for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
First responders get needed spectrum and network funding
In a room filled with smiles, plaudits and good-natured ribbing, many key members of the public-safety community this past Monday celebrated its unlikely political victory that resulted a new law that secured the 700 MHz D Block spectrum for first responders and $7 billion in funding to help pay for a nationwide broadband network.
Smart grid, broadband growth interlinked, FCC hearing participants say
Greater deployment and adoption of broadband technology can help accelerate the growth of smart-grid technologies designed to enhance the efficient use of U.S. energy resources, participants said

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