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Handrail system
The Interna-Rail system offers the clean look of welded rail and is suited for stadiums and other public facilities. The in-line, fitting-based handrail
Cooling garb
Eight different vests (two styles available with heat/flame protection) keep wearers cool all day via supplied air, cooling inserts or cold-water moisture
Mobile snowmelter
The SND850 snowmelter safely maneuvers in spaces like shopping plazas and the top deck of parking garages. The snowmelter is 16 feet long, 6 feet 3 inches
Wastewater treatment power supply
Designed for applications such as wastewater treatment, the Dynatronix Diamond Series 36-kilowatt power supply offers direct-current and low-frequency pulse waveform outputs.
Picnic table
On a playground or as a stand-alone unit, the Nature Discovery Table provides a place for rest, refreshment and stimulation. Raised-edge graphics along
Compact power distribution unit
Range outlets, dryer outlets and portable generators supply sufficient power for the CCI Mini X-Treme Box.
Fleet management software
Dossier Version 5.1 software analyzes fleet asset information, including warranty details, needed repair times and parts performance/efficiency, to enable cost-efficient fleet maintenance management.
Bulk material containers
Once closed, polyethylene covers on ShipShape bulk containers form a seal to safeguard against container-content contact with the environment.
Surface grinder
The 55-pound DG7 accommodates a variety of 7-inch diamond segment discs to perform several types of concrete grinding and other surface preparation applications.
Supply-storage trash can
The Dynamo trash can holds brooms, mops, dustpans and other cleaning supplies for easy janitorial access.
Vinyl tile series
Recently added to the GSA contract listing from Continental Flooring is the Stria line (part of tile manufacturer Centiva's Victory Series), which is
Radiator sealant
Bar's Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak seals internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks in radiators, freeze plugs, gaskets, heads, blocks and heater cores.
Motion-sensor faucets
Brass-construction Arzo and Grail faucet styles from Delta now feature the manufacturer's Proximity Sensing Technology.
Steel tree installations
Customizable steel-based tree sculptures can conceal or break up unsightly building elements (such as exposed ceilings or structural columns) while providing
Modular space solutions
The company provides fast, flexible and mobile modular buildings. With more than 50 years of experience and a network of nearly 80 branches throughout

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