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Chemical storage tank
The base container BC450 is a double-wall, rectangular, low-profile chemical storage tank. The primary tank holds 450 U.S. gallons and allows intermediate
Organic-waste containers
Three different styles of containers collect and transport yard, kitchen and food waste for curbside collection. The yard-waste cart (available in 65-
Aluminum geodesic roofs
The Ultradome's weather-resistant surface and self-supporting, spherical structure provide a low-maintenance, protective roof with increased overhead
Refuse vehicle for parks and beaches
Broyhill's Load-And-Pack 80HD boasts hydraulic grip arms that lift up to 500 pounds and 26- to 90-gallon containers. The vehicle features a wider cab
Vacuum-assisted pump
Thompson's 6-inch vacuum-assisted solids-handling pump, the 6V, has a 3-inch solids-handling capacity. The pump can accommodate sewage bypass pumping
Automated side loader
The Curbtender automated side loader features a wear-adjustable lift arm. The arm lifts 2,000-pound loads, even with a 7-foot reach. Curbtenders are available
Disposal services
Kimberly-Clark and Safety-Kleen can provide safe disposal options for WypAll wipers. The wipers are picked up either by request or by scheduled pickup,
Sewer-cleaning nozzle
Vactor Manufacturing's HydroSurge high-performance cleaning nozzle for pipe-cleaning and maintenance applications features an adjustable nozzle plate
Refuse-collection vehicle
The Heil MultiTask SL refuse-collection vehicle features a drop-frame chassis configuration. The vehicle's dual side-loading capability allows operators

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