Bill Wolpin

Editorial Director/Associate Publisher,
American City & County

Bill is the Associate Publisher and Editorial Director of American City & County, Government Product News and Government Procurement magazines. Bill has judged several national magazine and engineering award competitions, and has been a speaker at the magazine industry's leading conference as well as several solid waste and government association events. His magazines have won more than 80 national, regional and state awards for excellence, including a 2001 Jesse H. Neal Award for his editorials in Waste Age, four Folio Gold Editorial Excellence Awards and a Gold Ozzie. He also was a 2005 Neal Award finalist for his editorials in American City & County.

Bill has received an employee excellence award, a CEO Award and was a finalist for employee of the year. In 2003, he was the recipient of the Lawrence Lecture award, the highest honor bestowed by the Solid Waste Association of North America. In 2006 Magazine Association of the Southeast, where he served as president and member of the executive board, selected him for its Hall of Fame.

Introducing the new IdeaXchange
Exchanging your ideas with our Xperts & your colleagues
Cloud computing webinar
American City & County Editorial Director Bill Wolpin sits down with Rod Trent, the IT Community Manager for Windows IT Pro, to talk about using the Cloud in local and state governments. Trent is a speaker at the upcoming Cloud Webinar next Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST.
Cook County, Ill., president is American City & County's 2012 County Leader of the Year 1
Toni Preckwinkle takes on fiscal and operational challenges and corrects the course for Cook County
San Jose, Calif., steps into the cloud
Acting Chief Information Officer Vijay Sammeta discusses the city's cloud computing strategy, why city leaders should take the opportunity to make big changes in service delivery now, and why they shouldn't fall in love with the word "cloud."
Death, taxes, jobs and healthcare
Jobs plus healthcare are critical to restoring a viable economy.
Editor's Viewpoint: Intervention: The state edition
Financially distressed cities that are taken over by their state governments find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
Salary survey: Public works director
Top public works officials see rise in salaries and decline in benefits as many head to retirement.
Editor's Viewpoint: Can you manage your management job?
In a divided, partisan world, it is increasingly difficult to do the jobs we were hired, or elected, to do.
Editor's Viewpoint: Facing problems in the noonday sun
An Internet hacker group's threats against a Florida city demonstrate the wrong way to air one's grievances.
Editor's Viewpoint: The young, old and middle-age madness
From baby boomers to recent college grads, economic hardship is taking its toll. The youngest generation will find its confidence as we begin to solve our problems.
Special report: 2011 privatization survey
Although the national economy has changed dramatically in the last six years, local governments have not changed their approach to contracting much at all.
Editor's Viewpoint: Get your mitts off my Medicare
Rather than isolating the Medicare system for cuts and reforms, changes should be made to the entire health care system.
Editor's Viewpoint: Life's value depends on who's counting
As states make more and more cuts to balance their budgets, Arizona's recent slashes to Medicaid funding underscore the need to balance pragmatism with basic decency.
Editor's Viewpoint: A middle class at war with itself
The fight over unions' collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is turning workers against each other without addressing the real issue … economic inequality.
Editor's Viewpoint: Paying for the sins of the fathers
Public employees may become victims of the people's anger over pension debt.

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