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Government IT leaders seek new talent
Government belt tightening, coinciding with baby boomer retirements and an increased demand for technology upgrades, is forcing city and county information technology leaders to adjust their management strategies and expand their management skills.
Budget cuts compound tech staffing problems
Asurvey released in January by the Lexington, Ky.-based National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) found that the current information
New York passes moratorium on gas drilling technique linked to water contamination
New York has passed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing — the practice by natural gas producers of flooding underground gas deposits with fluids to force the gas up — and other states are regulating the process.
Agencies investigate the possible dangers of fracking
As companies drill for natural gas using fracking technique, government officials watching out for water quality.
HUD grants aim to build Choice Neighborhoods
In 2011, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will award $65 million in grants to local governments through its new Choice Neighborhoods initiative.
Grants help cities promote education
Twenty-one communities have received Promise Neighborhood $210 million in federal grants to help improve educational achievement and development among children living in concentrated poverty.
Local governments extend food and yard waste collection to multifamily dwellings
Finding a universal solution to providing curbside food and yard waste pickup for multifamily housing units can be tricky.
Locals seek federal help with sewer improvement costs
City officials in Ohio hope a proposed federal law will bring some relief to their rising sewer repair bills, which total in the millions.
New EPA stormwater regs prove costly
The federal government has been stepping up efforts to strengthen U.S. stormwater regulations in recent months, and local governments are finding themselves knee-deep in paperwork and bracing for the added costs that new requirements could bring.
Local governments extend food and yard waste collection to multifamily dwellings
This story has been removed from our site because of incorrect information about a recycling/composting program in Iowa City, Iowa.
Composting programs keep organic waste out of landfills
They also could generate revenue on the carbon market, group says.
L.A. County Sheriff's Department takes over town's policing
Last month, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department took over policing for Maywood, Calif., seemingly overnight after the city's liability insurance was cancelled.
Counties profit from doing others' work
Providing contract services to cities supplies some counties with another revenue stream and has even helped improve their operations.
New cities benefit from public safety outsourcing
When Deltona, Fla., incorporated 15 years ago with 86,540 residents, it was an anomaly among cities of its size because it did not have its own police force, relying instead on the Volusia County sheriff's office for law enforcement. Today, Deltona looks more like a trendsetter, as experts say more small- and mid-sized U.S. cities, particularly newly incorporated cities, choose to outsource public safety to the county or state to save money and resources
New cities benefit from public safety outsourcing
Increasingly, new cities are either contracting or sharing city services, including public safety services.

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