City hall turns doghouse

The new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Ky., ran on a bipartisan platform — she supports both a canine and feline presence at the general store, though Mayor Lucy Lou belongs to the former ticket. Lucy Lou is a red and white border collie whose Nov. 5 election continued a tradition begun in 1998, when the unincorporated community voted its first dog mayor, Goofy, into office as a fundraiser for the local historic society. Each resident “votes” by donating a dollar, and they can vote as many times as they want. Lucy Lou's fellow candidates included 10 dogs, one cat, a possum and a jackass — an actual jackass, that is.

Dirty dancing done in

Marshall, N.C., officials were willing to pay to prevent Rebecca Willis from dancing. Specifically, they offered $275,000 to settle Willis' lawsuit against the city for banning her from the Marshall Depot community center eight years ago after residents complained about her “dirty dancing,” according to the Associated Press (AP). Marshall's attorney told AP that officials believe they did nothing wrong, but Willis said the settlement will send a message that they should allow free expression.