Pole position

The ladies of Adams Township, Pa., will have a chance to learn the ways of pole dancing, now that the Federal District Court has cleared the way for Stephanie Babines' Oh My, You're Gorgeous studio. This summer, officials in the Pittsburgh suburb denied Babines an occupancy permit to open the studio, saying they did not want the business to become a strip club or massage parlor, according to The New York Times. Babine, who said her class is for exercise and participants will not be naked, sued to reverse the decision. Township attorney Michael Gallagher said the town only wanted to make sure Babine would not be selling pornographic material.

Always remember

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, police officers from Peabody, Mass., went to New York to help their brothers and sisters in blue. Now, the Peabody police could get every Sept. 11 as a paid day off, though attempts to give New York Police Department officers the same holiday have so far failed, according to the Associated Press. A union representing 24,000 NYPD officers has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get members extra pay for the anti-terrorism work they have been performing since 9/11.