President-elect Barack Obama and Congress need to partner with cities to create a "hometown economic stimulus package," said Washington-based National League of Cities (NLC) President Kathleen Novak during NLC's Congress of Cities in Miami on Thursday, which was attended by more than 4,000 local government leaders. "With foreclosures on the rise, property values declining, unemployment at the highest levels since 1994, and state and local governments experiencing record budget shortfalls yet still needing to provide essential services, we urge Washington to help families and work with America's hometowns in spurring job creation and restoring economic stability," said NLC President and Northglenn, Colo., Mayor Kathleen Novak in a statement.

Earlier this week, NLC released an "Agenda for the Nation" that specified some elements that must be included in such a stimulus package. They include funding for ready-to-go infrastructure projects that can create jobs, more money for services that support families and children, such as Medicaid and food stamps, and should open up access for cities to short-term credit facilities and the capital markets, according to NLC.

NLC's Agenda for the Nation is available in PDF format on NLC's Web site.

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