The Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners has directed Mayor Manny Diaz to coordinate with 35 municipalities in the county to develop a comprehensive public infrastructure proposal that could make use of funds from the proposed federal stimulus package. The package could identify the top three to five "shovel ready" projects in each city, according to Commission Chairman Dennis Moss.

Moss said in a statement that the commission is certain President Obama and Congress "will undertake an aggressive federal economic stimulus package in the coming months," and a comprehensive package will put the county in the best position to take advantage of those funds. "This package offers not only an opportunity to create millions of jobs at a time when they are desperately needed, but also an opportunity to rebuild the nation's crumbling infrastructure and invest in infrastructure projects that will provide a platform from which our economy can benefit for years to come," Moss said in a statement.

Moss anticipates that most of the federal money would go to transportation, water and sewer, and other infrastructure projects, as well as the development of "green" technologies. More information on Miami-Dade County is available at

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